Learn Magic trick

Learn Magic trick

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                 in the name of God                      

Simple and complete. Juggling training

This app is free for all ages and persons   This is amazing app In the name of God

🎩 The purpose of this app is to run and teach free magic for leisure and to raise the level of thought of those who are interested in this art. The game has been made since human beings have understood their right hand and left, and because people have the secret of the magicians They do not know, the magic looks fantastic. We were all interested in magic and joy from a childhood, and we want to see the secret of the magicians, maybe we like magicians can surprise and surprise everyone!

 What makes this app so exciting:

• Simple and interesting magic with simple gadgets

• Video magic with different gadgets

• Magic video game card

• The things the magician should know

• Amazing Tricks

• Magazine with cards

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