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Tajvid sadeh

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in the name of God


If you like to learn to read the Quran Qari Wake successful, you have a good Learn Tajweed. "Tajweed" includes rules and tips that help you with the same form in which the Qur'an was revealed to be able to read and recite as much as possible, read the Quran Arabic, not Farsi.

The contents of this book, taken from the prestigious "stated Quran" (written by Seyyed Mohsen Mousavi knows) and then try the original book content, in plain language narrative loudly so your loved ones will be able to easily learn Tajweed.

Due to the low volume application, try after reading each section, you practice enough, then move on to the next section. Because the content of the program, not only for research, but also needs to practice.

The content in this program with simple language, so for all Koran and the Koran friends, can understand.

Please leave your comments about the content of the app, sign here. Thank you for downloading the app.

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