School for memorizing the Quran

School for memorizing the Quran

Version 3.3
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Intelligent Assistant to memorize and recite the Holy Quran

Preservation class includes:

Record the latest activity of the Quran and measure it
Providing a proper retention schedule with daily Quran activities
Record absenteeism in the absence or absence of daily activity
Ability to edit the number of pages and days of the Quran if needed

Intelligent Quran verse by verse includes:

Three Complete Periods of Readings of the World's Top Qaryans
A verse-by-verse audio translation course
Usman Taha Real Sheets (in accordance with the special Quran preserved)
Quick and easy access to component, sura, page, verse. . .
Ability to play audio continuously, singly, repeatedly and specify the frequency of repetition

Smart catch test includes:

Ask questions unlimitedly and without being duplicated
Ability to set the test range to the desired Quran

The Content Review section includes:

Overview of range-capable enclosures
Ability to change the time of movement of the verses to expedite or slow down the time of visual review
Ability to move between verses

The liaison section with the professor includes:

Unlimited conversation with master and expert

Download Bank section includes:

Get audio files in one go for the desired volume
Get audio files for custom sura for custom kari

Receive notifications if the Quran student is connected to the Internet

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