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If you're absolutely trust Partmantvn please check out this page's close now !!!
The new version of the app my bill, this time completely free and with new features

Many of you that you live in the apartments in the reverse flow of water, electricity or gas (If so unlucky to be in any three maybe?) Are common and at any time they paid bills praises, director of the building costs, according to a series of work and relatively obscure operations (!!!) math and share their account after your payment.

Karrdy apps "bill me" You can share the bills paid each of the units in each unit separately based on the number of people who live out in just a few seconds and with a very low margin of error calculation and your mind and all members Apartments So comfortable.
Also in the episode "The bill lifts" You can absolutely fair share of pay-per-floors and calculate separately
IMPORTANT NOTE *** Before using the program, be sure to carefully read the program guide ***


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