To The End : Blackout

To The End : Blackout

Version 1.1
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what you'll see in this part of series : After a variety of unpredictable events that happened to Tom, he stepped closer to hi sister now. His sister and other survivors found him in subway and took him to a safe place but after a while they just leave him and go. After tom wakes up he find the letter his sister left and after reading it, he finds out a lot problems and things. His sister should return after ten days, but what if she doesn't come back ? what if more problems come ? what if this is an endless dream ? Follow this story.

This game has been tested on many devices and has no problem. The only source allowed to get this game is cafe bazaar. After finish the game, The survival mode and chapters selection will add to main menu. This game is not recommended for persons under 18 years old.

- Beautiful and fascinating story

- Excellent performance without problems

- High Graphic

- Stunning and woody environments

- Story / Survival Mode

- Impressive and challenging gameplay

- Stunning effects

- various and varied stages

- Unique design

- Beautiful soundtrack

We hope you enjoy the game. Making a game in this level of graphic and performance isn't easy, especially if done independently. Follow us on Instagram (@ams.ap). Thank you very much for your support.

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