To The End : Ash

To The End : Ash

Version 1.4
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Tom’s sister is alive and she went to the north with other survivors. Tom should go alone to find his sister. It’s a long way and it’s not safe. The virus is growing up and the infected humans are getting stronger every day. It’s not easy. In this part we will know more about tom’s past. The past that is his nightmare. The past that changed him into a man. The past that no one saw before. The past that anyone can’t pass it. Can he find his sister? Is there a light of hope in darkness? Follow this story.

Attention: This game has been tested on many devices and doesn’t have any problem. The only allowed source to get this game is cafe bazaar. We tried to make a game with good graphic and good performance.

We hope you enjoy the game. Making game in this level of performance isn’t easy but we tried our bests. Follow us on Instagram (@ams.ap) Thanks for supporting us. With the best wishes for you. AMS.

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