How To Draw Everything

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This book includes a majority animals, with mostly characters on the remaining pages. The rest are modes of transportation, structures and a few random other items like pumpkins and flowers.

The book's teaching method is very easy to understand, and putting it together with a sketch pad and the proper pencils made it a great gift; not to mention that the child's sketches are greatly improved. And even more importantly, she's learning and enjoying something NOT related to a computer; an ipod, or a television set. Even if she stops drawing tomorrow, I would still feel this book was a good investment.


Version 1.5
Added Alaskan Malamute Painting, English Setter, Bulldog in a series of paintings of "Draw 50 ِDogs"
Added Tiger, Persian kitten in a series of paintings of "Draw 50 Cats"

Version 1.2
Added White Swan Painting, Sparrow on a branch, Cockatoo in a series of paintings of "Draw 50 Birds"
Added black-eyed Susan flowers and roses in a series of paintings of "Draw 50 Flowers"

Version 1.1
Troubleshooting steps Horse Race America

Version 1
The basic version of the program dedicated to all those interested in the world of painting


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