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Shark Crypt

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A very powerful, user friendly and beautiful user interface mobile application, called
Shark Crypt, has been designed by IDG-Tech company for the first time in the

Statesmen, chairmen, laboratories, professors and students are the main users of
this new program. you can save your important and confidential files in your mobile
devises with high security. if you are worrying about the security of your files in your
system or while moving from one device to another, our program is the best choice.
you can encrypt your files by Shark Crypt program and send it by email or move it
any way safely. a student also can encrypt his/her projects using Shark Crypt
program then transfer it, so the security of the information is increasing.

AES and other encryption algorithms are used to encrypt important files used by
statesmen and chairmen. hence they are very professional in application with low
user interface attraction, so people think that these programs are not designed for
general use because they are not user friendly and they seem too professional to
use for public. IDG-Tech company not only use the latest encryption algorithm
( Shark AES) for this program, but also has a very powerful and user friendly
interface. in addition, it is really easy to use.

the main disadvantage of AES in file encryption is that it has some limitations in
encrypting large files. our new program solves this problem, so you can encrypt
every file in any type with any size by Shark Crypt program. although the method
used in this program is complex and sophisticated, it is really simple to use and
users can work with it very easy. after encryption, you can transfer your file by
Email, Wifi, Bluetooth, USB, SD Card etc. another possibility of Shark Crypt is that
you can encrypt your files individually or in a group. to make it easy and flexible to
use, we store all your passwords in a data base, so if you forget your password for
a special file, you can restore it from data base. this data base is accessible only by
the entrance password set by user for the first time to enter the program. the first
password is also encrypted by SHA-512.

this program is using the responsive screen technology which recognize the type of
the device smartly and then matching itself by the user screen.

The main advantages of Shark Crypt is:

1. Using the latest encryption algorithm in the world ( Shark AES)
2. Encrypting files without any limitation in the size of the file
3. Very beautiful and user friendly design, using responsive screen technology
4. encrypting files individually or in a group and transfering them with DropBox,
Google Drive etc.
5. transfering encrypted files with any communication method such as E-mail, Wifi,
Bluetooth, USB, SD Card etc.
6. saving the passwords of the encrypted files in the data base of the program
(these passwords are essential for decryption process)
7. encrypting the entrance password by SHA-512 for avoiding others to enter the
9. retrieval the entrance password by the latest available technology for mobile
devices (sending the password by SMS entered by user)

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