Version 3.0.141119B
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Only for Android +3.0

If you are listening to a music on your phone, what do you do to change the song?
Unlock your phone and change the song? Or press the pause button on the headphone twice?
How if you want to go back to the previous song?

By this app you can use the volume buttons for sweep to next/previous track when your device screen is off.
Also you can use them as their primary function for change the volume when the screen is on (no need to unlock the screen).
Also the functions of the volume buttons can be customized in this version.

You don't need to launch the app each time, this just need to be installed on your device!

You can disable or change the settings of the app trough the settings menu.

This app can be automatically enabled depending on the connection status of the headset or always enabled. It's up to you! ;)

Nova, Innovator!

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