Car Audio System Tutorials

Car Audio System Tutorials

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Everything about car audio systems , audio discussions , audio terminology , information, concepts , audio devices, audio quality , audio test ! And ...
* This program is part of the training includes the following topics:
The main components of the audio system
Arguments in favor of sound
What dB
Acoustic Echo
Time alignment delay
Hdyvnyt (Head Unit
Mpyly amplifier - Definition and Basics (Amplifier)
Categories AH load requirement in terms of number of channels
Amps classification of digital and analog
Explanation about Capacitors
Described in sub box
Comments about RCA cables
What is cross- overs
Audio meanings of terms
Amplifier: Class D vs Class A / B
A few key points for better sound
Different sub -band and
How important are classified in Subwoofer
big3 ( boost electric car )
What is offset ?
Noise System - Air
Capacitor- mounted capacitor
Tools needed to install a car audio system
Dim the lights in high volume
Amplifier Gain Fitness
Capacitors .... Do's and don'ts
Audio Engineering
Installing car audio system
Selection of the cable with respect to the power flow
Subwoofer (enclosure)
Formats and audio
And ... Be .
* Also includes audio meanings of terms that include topics such as :
Acoustic Coupling ( acoustic coupling )
Acoustic Suspension Acoustic Suspension
Coaxial Cable
Component System
Effective Piston Area
Electrolytic Capacitor
Enclosure Volume
Excursion Limited Power Handling
Excursion Limited SPL
Flush mounting
Amplification Classes
Free-Air Configuration
Frequency Response
Ground Loop
Harmonic Distortion
And 100 other topics .

- Sectors such as :
--- List of the best 4 -channel amplifier
--- List of the best 2 -channel amplifier
--- List of Best Mono Amplifier
--- List of the best records ( Hdyvnyt s)
--- List of the best bands ( Speakers )
--- List of Best Subwoofer
--- List Best Components
And ...
See their responses to these frequencies . ( The Voice )

Among the features of this program:
1 - includes educational information ( with images and language training Shiva )
2 - includes sound technical concepts ( more than 100)
3 - contains a list of the best 4 -channel amplifier (with Full Specifications and Images )
4 - contains a list of the best 2 -channel amplifier (with Full Specifications and Images )
5 - Contains a list of the best mono amplifier (with Full Specifications and Images )
6 - contains a list of the best records ( Hdyvnyt S) - (with Full Specifications and Images )
7 - Contains a list of the best bands ( Speakers ) - (with Full Specifications and Images )
8 - contains a list of the best Subwoofer - (with Full Specifications and Images )
9 - contains a list of the best component - (with Full Specifications and Images )
10 - include test files in memory to store your audio system with SD.
11 - No need to Persian and Persian instruments with the ability to change the font and font size of the text .
12 - The ability to keep the screen clear set
13 - Enable the display of images with higher resolution display devices that are great .
14 - runs on Android 2.2 and above devices included .
Note: access to the program for possible storage of audio files in your SD card .

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