sahife sajadieh with voice

sahife sajadieh with voice

Version 3.0
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The program includes a full set of Scriptures Sajadieh with Arabic text and audio tape Persian translation completely offline without any internet.

Among the features of this program:
1 - includes a full Arabic text and translation of the Arabic text and audio tape Scriptures Sajadieh with Persian translation completely offline without internet. (2 audio playback, Persian and Arabic)
2 - the perfect sound Persian and Arabic
3 - Real-time search (RealTime) listed alphabetically marked for quick navigation in the (Fast Scroll).
4 - favorites and real-time search (RealTime) in it.
5 - Ability to send emails and copy them to the clipboard.
6 - Ability to share on social networks
7 - No need to Persian Farsi and Arabic fonts versatile instrument with the ability to change the font and size of text in Persian and Arabic, keep on display.
8 - Ability to select font color for the text in Persian and Arabic.
9 - have been marked for navigating lists topics alphabetically by moving the finger on the list of characters on display on the device side.
10 - in the list of the last seven visits your last show.
11 - includes favorites.
12 - Beautiful graphic design with gilding and supports high resolution HD xdpi (suitable for mobile phones and tablets)
13 - runs on Android 3.0 devices and above, including

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