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* Lojan; enough for a friendly get - together !
* Voted the favorite strategic category of Bazar cafe !
* The online version is coming soon

The twosome game of Lojan is a turn-based strategic game with a thrilling gameplay and high-resolution graphics that will entertain you for hours beside your family and friends.work out an strategy, examine the qualities of your counters and all the qualifications you've gained. Bring the lion to its crown or win by occupying more rooms and gaining more scores.a real competition!
With the use of main counters and special advantages you can play an irruptive or defensive play or a combination of both.
Just keep in mind that you certainly need to check all the instructions before playing the game in order to be familiar with the special features of each of the counters and all the rules of the game.

Lojan consists of 6 main counters: 
- the lion(king of the counters)
- the turtle( the slowest and the most diehard counter)
-the buffalo(the destructive counter of the opponent's retaining wall.
- the spider( the destructive counter of the opponent's keep.)
-the mice( the stealer of the opponent's coins and the fastest counter)
-the cat(the archenemy of the mice and the guardian of the lion) 
And it also contains two main advantages:
- the advantage of walling up the roads of the opponent
-the advantage of making a keep in order to limit the opponent's maneuver.
Lojan is a free game and is upgradable to lots of more counters with special and functional capabilities. A game that will be soon available for you to enjoy playing in both single-player and online versions. It's only your support that will motivate us to create the game more strongly and design it more intricately. Please support "Gilamard" as always.moreover, incase of any comment or expectation of the game, please call us right away. We will check the matter and revise the shortcomings as soon as possible. 
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  • payment through Bazaar
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  • view network connections
  • full Internet access
  • read phone status and identity

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