Baby Puzzle Game

Baby Puzzle Game

Version 2
Install +1 K
Category Kids
Size 97 MB
Last Update 2023 September 1
Baby Puzzle Game

Baby Puzzle Game

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Version 2
Install +1 K
Category Kids
Size 97 MB
Last Update 2023 September 1
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💡 Baby Puzzles Game for 2-3 year kids!
💡 Are you looking for baby puzzles or education game for baby 3 years old? Love wooden block puzzles?
💡 WELCOME to Baby Puzzles free Game for 2-3 year kids💡

🦋 Baby Puzzles - learn and have fun with the Wooden Blocks free offline game!
🦋 Baby Puzzles game is perfect for kids from 2 to 5 years old and suit for boys and girls!
🦋 Baby Puzzles Wooden Blocks - very easy to play! Even baby 2 years old can play and learn!
🦋 Baby Puzzles game has cute cartoon pictures for kids in simple collections like fruit and animals puzzles!
🦋 Baby Puzzles wooden blocks seems realistic wooden toys with animations and funny sounds effects!
🦋 Baby Puzzles is stimulate imagination and creativity, children's logic, concentration and coordination of movements.

💡 Baby puzzles collections:

🐥 Dino puzzle set: cute pics of favourite dinosaurs!
🐥 Wild animals puzzle set: find monkey or lion shadow!
🐥 Domestic animals and birds puzzle set! All kids loves cows and horses!
🐥 Sea animals puzzle set: learn who live in the sea with baby!
🐥 Sweets puzzle set: so cute pictures!
🐥 Musical instruments puzzle set: what do you like best piano or guitar?
🐥 Professions puzzle set: who do you want to be?
🐥 Funny fruits and vegetables puzzle sets
🐥 Insects puzzle set: ask your baby where is butterfly or bug?
🐥 Kids toys puzzle set: what is your favourite toy?

💡 Help your baby to learn animals, fruits, vegetables, types of clothes, prosessions, musical instruments and other things about the world around them!
💡 New cute puzzles sets will appear with every update of the game.
💡 Play Baby Puzzles game for 3 years old kids free! No In-App purchases.

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