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The Code Box app is one of the best and most comprehensive applications for the ussd code, the # number.
Be sure to know the codes of usdd and you know how hard it is to remember this code
What we did Twain did we get all the ussd code that we have in the country to be integrated into a comprehensive program and you run it directly.
*** In addition, we have designed a special section for those who are interested in the Internet business that you can get a great deal of revenue from one hour of work ***
The topics that this program returns to are:
1- Purchase specialized Internet packages with daily and weekly filtering capabilities and ... for operators (Irancell, Cellular, First, and others).
2- Run all ussd codes related to operators (Irancell, Cellular, First, and Ritual)
3- Buy instant charge in the shortest possible time
4- Paying bills for water, electricity, gas, mobile and driving offenses
5- Payment of social security premium
6. Insurance against accidents and fires and incidents
7. Getting traffic permission limits
8. Running the ussd codes related to banking operations of banks:
Mellat Bank
Saderat bank
Sina Bank
Wisdom Bank
Pasargad bank
Parsian Bank
Ansar Bank
agricultural Bank
Maskan Bank

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