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The software is designed to promote Persian culture and literature

This software has several capabilities:

Poetry Reading section:

This section is a collection of poems from more than 100 great poets in the name of Persian literature. Each poet's name and poetry are categorized.

Poetry preservation section:

In this section you can plan a poem at a specific time of day and at certain times of the day to keep track of the selected poem at the specified time with the help of software.

Multimedia Section:

This section contains software related data including audio and video music, articles and books on Persian poetry and literature and ...

Don't forget the poetry section:

In this section you can play with Persian poetry. Among the capabilities of this section are raising the level of poetry and rules of poetry.

Boilers section:

This section includes the cheerful sections of the Czech software. In this section you can boil with a knife and other cheerful areas of this section can be referred to as double or multiplayer boobs.

Calendar section:

In this section, the calendar is trying to provide a very smooth and simple calendar to its users so they can take advantage of the calendar features.

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