Real Piano electronic keyboard

Real Piano electronic keyboard

Version 5.34.0
Install +10 K
Category Music & Audio
Size 57 MB
Last Update 2024 March 22
Real Piano electronic keyboard

Real Piano electronic keyboard

Kolb Apps
Version 5.34.0
Install +10 K
Category Music & Audio
Size 57 MB
Last Update 2024 March 22
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The piano is a keyboard instrument that produces sound when the keys are pressed.

Real Piano provides everything you need to master playing the piano on your phone or tablet. Now you can effortlessly play any song, anywhere! Perfect for those who are passionate about musical instruments!

Why haven't you learned to play the piano yet?
Real Piano offers multiple video lessons to support you, along with a variety of loops for interactive play-along experiences.

No piano or an electronic keyboard?
No problem! Real Piano provides a diverse range of instruments with high-quality sounds, enabling you to play any song you desire!

Real Piano is an ideal choice for practicing or playing the piano quietly, without causing disturbance or requiring extensive space. Enjoy the freedom to practice anywhere you like!

Real Piano allows your children to learn the piano while having fun and improve their intelligence levels. This App will ensure the development of your musical abilities, helping you learn chords and music notes as if on a real piano.

What are you waiting for to become a pianist?

Check out the details in Real Piano:

- 100 lessons to learn how to play the piano
- A full keyboard with 88 keys
- 7 octaves
- Adjustable keyboard size
- Chords library
- Studio audio quality
- A diverse range of incredibly lifelike instruments.
- Instruments such as Acoustic Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos, Organs, Synths, Strings, Winds, Flutes, Electric Pianos, Guitars, Basses, and Ethnic Instruments.
- Recording mode
- Share your recordings on social media
- Loops to play along with
- Supports MIDI
- Works with all screen resolutions - cell phones and tablets (HD images)
- Free app
- Multitouch

Try it out and have fun with the best piano app on Google Play!
Made for pianists, keyboardists, professional musicians, amateurs, or beginners!
From the same creator of Real Drum.

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