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Hi everyone,

Some time ago one of my friends  had an meeting and he was giving a presentation with the power point program.during the presentation he had to go in front of the screen to explain things , but the problem was that he had to go back to the system and click to go to the next slide, and he went to the projector screen again to continue explaining and once he had to go back to  another slide so he had t lo go back to the system. Again and go through this annoying processes.

So this process made him nervous and frustrated and he would lose his concentratio.


So this made me think about a solution to this case,and writing a program that can control through the slides in a presentation,and easily going though slides. so it wouldn't be necessary to work with the system,because you can easily use the buttons and keys that are designed in this program and manage your slides.

This program features:

-going through slides and back and forth wirelessly

- zooming on the images wirelessly

- rotating images wirelessly

- the ability to open and exit the slide presentations

- the ability to go left,right,up and down on a slide, wireless

-many other abilities that you can use with downloading the program.

Pay attention that this program can match with all the image showing programs on your windows systems.
You can manage and control them as well.
It's not only for power point and ot can be used for many other programs.
You can even use it when going through a family  album  on the TV,easily managing the pictures with your phone.
More over,using modern technology when presenting and following the listener will give them a better feeling from the presenter in their mind.
Important things before downloading the program:
-your device should have android version 4and upper.
- for reciving information on windows,install this program
- if the product didn't work on your Windows install .net framework 4 so that it works.
You can read the help PDF so that you can see if you like the product or not, and then purchase  the program,because I've explained the how to work with the program step by step for you,so that you can easily work with it.
*Read the help PDF from here.
For support on the program you can call 09212789410

Be happy 😊

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