Azeri language training

Azeri language training

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In the name of Allah

Teaching of Araz River

Place the card in cooperation Araz Araz Zbann But you do not know?

Tab, but you can not get your girlfriend! Araz Araz talk with herself and her family?

Iran regularly in the Azeri language, but you can not communicate well with people doing?

You want all your friends / family / wife / your girlfriend! /.....rv Azeri speaking with the correct accent surprise you?

 It is very easy to learn Turkish sweet
Language Turkish is one of the languages ​​in addition to Iran in several countries, including Turkey,
Republic of Azerbaijan, the Caucasian republics and even in several European countries such as
Germany, France and raised as one of the languages ​​of the country in which it is used
Leave as many significant minority have the right to live and cultural rights
Their own. In addition, according to a rule that all Turkish verbs
Units comply with the roots, thus it is easy to learn and
 On the other hand'll be able to learn a dialect of Turkish losses people
Turkish speak different dialects to communicate.

Your satisfaction hopes


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