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Mediko program to receive medical care and nursing home services. With Mdykv in anywhere you can get the phone for free medical advice and answer questions, receive your medicine.

Mdykv services include:

Visits to a general practitioner specializing in home

Nursing and home care services

Ultrasound and Radiology at home

Services electrocardiogram and heart echo at home

Laboratory services at home

Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy at home

Audiology and optometry at home

Private ambulance dispatched to the home

Medical equipment

Medical equipment rental

And .....

Mediko affiliated with mystical healing medicine, registered as No. 150/3354 of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, a provider of medical services and nursing home care is.
At any time of day can receive medical care at home. It makes no difference where you are, we're sending you to the nearest medical staff. We as a liaison between you and the medical team trying to offer a good service. Enterprise services that are coordinated directly with medical staff made the company does not undertake responsibilities.

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