Talking Alarm Clock & Sounds

Talking Alarm Clock & Sounds

Version 3.1.2
Install +20 K
Category Tools
Size 19 MB
Last Update 2023 August 6
Talking Alarm Clock & Sounds

Talking Alarm Clock & Sounds

Version 3.1.2
Install +20 K
Category Tools
Size 19 MB
Last Update 2023 August 6
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Talking Alarm Clock is a free alarm clock application designed to create and manage alarms most efficiently. You can use Talking Alarm Clock to wake up in the morning or set up reminders for your tasks during the day.

Digital Alarm Clock for all your needs!

Turn your Android into a beautiful digital alarm clock.

Talking Alarm Clock's main advantage is that you can add sound messages to your alarms, so it seems like your alarm clock is speaking to you.

You can use "Slow Wake Up" in settings to wake you up in the morning. You can wake up gently from your dreams peacefully and progressively because Talking Alarm Clock increases the alarm volume slowly instead of starting at maximum volume. This way, you can avoid being startled by a loud sound while in a deep sleep.

◉ Fastest setup method.
◉ Alarm enabling/disabling with the power button, volume buttons, shaking, or screen buttons.
◉ Set a sound message for each Alarm.
◉ AM/PM or 24 hours format
◉ Alarms sorted in the order they will ring.
◉ Repeat alarms every week on certain days.
◉ Select the alarm sound you want from all your phone's ringtones, songs, and sounds.
◉ Customize Snooze duration.
◉ Wake up gently while volume and vibration increase slowly.
◉ Nightstand mode: see what the time is at night while your Android is charging;
◉ Auto-snooze
◉ Auto-dismiss
◉ More colorful themes
◉ Swipe to Dismiss or Snooze
◉ Speak time: say the time after your Alarm starts and repeat at an interval of your choice

Talking Alarm Clock turns your Android into a beautiful digital alarm clock for free!

Apart from minimalistic design, we have also developed Talking Alarm Clock to use very low system resources. It can be used as an alarm manager, and it can be used as a beautiful desk clock as it sits on your charger – the choice is yours.

We have also thought about usability – the digital modes have one of the biggest and most easily noticeable digits so that they can be enjoyed in any light setting and from a great viewing distance.

For every Alarm created, you can set an exact time and day of the week. You are able to set your alarm sound message and repeat days for recurring events.

Talking Alarm Clock is better than other alarm clock apps. The Alarm works even when the screen is off, in silent mode, or earplugs are plugged in.

It comes with a built-in nightstand digital clock. Once set as a screen saver and your phone is plugged into your charger, it automatically displays the current time and battery charging status with LCD style and large fonts.

Talking Alarm Clock is a reliable, stylish and easy-to-use talking alarm clock that can be customized to your needs.

The Alarm contains all the expected features as day selecting, vibration toggling, ringtone selecting, snoozing, or adding a custom sound message. Waking up will be a pleasure. It supports as many alarms as you want, so there won't be any more excuses for not waking up :) The gradual volume increase is supported, too, enabled by default.

The digital clock is huge, and it shows the time using the whole screen width.
If you don't have a watch to see what time right now, then you are in the right place, Talking Alarm Clock comes with an led digital clock that brings the correct time and date for you on your mobile home screen.

Digital Clock also displays a clock with the date and day of the week. Thousands of color combinations are available for the display clock.

A digital clock displays the time digitally, like numerals or other symbols, as opposed to an analog clock, where the positions of rotating hands indicate the time.

Discover why Talking Alarm Clock has more than 1 million satisfied users!

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