Baby Hazel Newyear Bash

Baby Hazel Newyear Bash

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Baby Hazel is on cloud nine! Uncle John invites Baby Hazel and her family for New Year celebrations. And guess what, venue is an Ice castle! As Matt is too young, mom stays back at home with him. Baby Hazel and dad board the cruise liner to reach the party venue. Hazel enjoys fun-filled activities along with other guests onboard the cruise. All of them make a New Year resolution and welcome the New Year with colorful firework.
The cruise liner will reach the Ice Castle shortly! Baby Hazel has to get ready for the party on time. As the weather is too chilly, darling Hazel dresses up in a woolen costume for the party.
Finally, dad and Baby Hazel reach the Ice Castle. Hazel is happy to join her friend Kayla at the Castle. Both the kids spend a fabulous time with each other by playing with snow. They make snow penguins and build a snow cave for them.
Yippee! Baby Hazel is happy to meet a cute penguin. This penguin is a special guest at the party. Baby Hazel feeds the penguin with her favorite food. Later on they enjoy the penguin dance.
Baby Hazel enjoyed New Year celebrations at the Ice Castle!!!

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