Baby Hazel Dining Manners

Baby Hazel Dining Manners

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Today Mom is going to teach dining etiquette. Help Hazel to follow mother's advice so that she gets appreciation. First of all before dining, clean the dining table by removing unnecessary things from it. Arrange the plates and cutlery on the table. Then help Hazel to follow Mom's advice in selecting the right cutlery while drinking soup and eating meat and desserts. Happy dining with Baby Hazel.

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It is time to teach Baby Hazel dining etiquettes. First of all join her to clear all the mess and make dining space pleasant. Then help her to set up the dining table. Later, join mom and Baby Hazel for the dinner. Pay heed to the demands of Baby Hazel while dining. Finally, after the meal, help her to clear the dining table.

Level 1
It is dinner time but Baby Hazel is still busy playing with her friends. Help her to clean the dining space and keep toys and other stuff in their right place.

Level 2
Dining space is looking pleasant. Isn’t it? Now Baby Hazel has to set up the dining table. As she is too young, she needs someone’s help. Can you be of her help?

Baby Hazel is all set to have her meal. But today mom will teach her how to eat desserts and main meal. Let us join Hazel to learn dining etiquette.

Level 4
Baby Hazel enjoyed learning dining etiquettes from her mom. They have finished the meal and now it is time to clear the dining table. Help Hazel in clearing the table.

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