Hooshtak Countries & Capitals

Hooshtak Countries & Capitals

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Word & Trivia

* Quickly increase public information

Remember to capture all the capitals in 197 countries this weekend.

* Stage (Easy to Hard)

This game is designed in a step-by-step fashion and you must first start playing in the Middle East. You can reach other continents by earning coins. The final stage of the game is the entire world, played with all 197 countries.

* Random play and diverse questions

The questions are unlimited and random. The options are also chosen completely randomly and each time you face a new challenge. This means that the same question is asked about similar options is very low.

* Ensure the accuracy of information

All information about the names of the countries and the names of the capitals is updated and includes the latest official changes by the end of 1396.

* Other games will soon be .....

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