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The compact and completely free program

Okay, now what was it? The answer was obvious, you've got an excuse Kvdktvn decision was comfortable. How? When the program was implemented, 16 boxes (Button) was color, which touches each one, the color of the box was changed. So this was how my kid's fun? It was changed so that the color of the boxes and their colors are varied and fun for young children is very fun. Secondly, this is not the only thing that the program was, by touching each of those boxes and it's interesting to know whether there was heard the sound of an animal which you touch your box, because every time you touch the box was a sound that was selected randomly is (even might be a sound twice).

The key features of this software:

- Low volume

- Runs on older versions of Android and Android devices is very weak

- Attractive and colorful environment for children

- Prevent accidental exit of children

With many nice comments from our support.


Runs on Android version 2.3.3 and higher

Tested on Lenovo (A5500 -HV (4.4.2

Thank you for your support and accompaniment.


Email: ahmoloudi79@gmail.com

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