Professional camera

Professional camera

Version 1.1.5
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High-quality camera (HD professional camera)

The p rofessional camera shooter with many features in the program will help you capture hd + quality photos and capture all the features of the camera with a professional phone. I hope you enjoy the program.

Among the features and features of the professiona l camera camera ( professional photography program )

Take selfies with voice command in both advanced and ordinary modes

Insert the post with the color and size and the desired font below pictures and images ( photo post )

It has an arrow for both cameras in motion pictures and movies (even for handsets with no flash cameras )

Registering photos and videos with location and time (optional) Later you can remember the date and place of location when you are browsing your memories. Remember you good

Autofocus, photo and movie storage with prefix and custom extensions, and a handful of useful and useful functions for the camera.

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