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In the name of GOD

App facilities:

1- Information of week by week of your pregnancy regarding of your baby and yourself.

2- Week by week pregnancy reminder.

3- Tens of important and practical articles from before pregnancy to after giving birth (divided).

4- Audio Quran for your peace and your child's better growing and peace - with sound of Mr. Parhizkar.

5- Favorite Disney Co. kid songs.

6- 50 Baby photography ideas.

7- More than 50 baby boy haircuts.

8- More than 70 baby girl haircuts.

9- Dears birth reminder.

10- Medical visits reminder.

11- Vaccination reminder (for your newborn).

12- Name culture.

13- Baby supplies checklist and essential accessories of birth in hospital checklist for what you need too in there.

14- Body mass index calculator.


Week by week information:

You can informed about your pregnancy regarding of your baby and yourself weekly.


Practical articles:

Tens of important and practical articles for moms concerns, to be the best actor in your growing up kids series by reading them.


Name culture:

To simplification baby name selection process we try to put a suitable name culture in this app. The names that be in this culture have a nice and perfect explanation such as: name root, name meaning, celebrities with similar name, ...



What divided to two categories.

First: Baby supplies checklist: What  contain every indispensable supply divided (like clothing, feeding, child safety equipment, ...) to check them in this app and compare them with what you need.

Second: Essential accessories of birth in hospital checklist: It contains what need a mom in the hospital when giving birth that can you also check it in this app and compare it with what you need.


Body mass index calculator:

You can ensure from your fitness by enter your height and weight in this part.


Some important tips:

1- Complete the first and second form in first app run certainly. In first form according to your birthday we set a birth reminder and according to your last period date we set your week by week of pregnancy arrival and your newborn vaccination. In the second form we set a birth remind for your husband to remind you in his birthday!

2- This app - except audio section - is fully offline and you don't need internet connection to use it.

3- Try to criticize us as you can! We believe that we can know our defects and effort to a better cooperation.

4- Follow us in social medias.. We are waiting for you.

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