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Store Azinlaser

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mobile application Store Azinlaser
Store azinlaser and read news from feed "Mory News"
The software is typically decorated laser manufacturer of advertising materials and takes your fancy invite to visit this store.
Burl and engraving and cutting kinds of promo materials

Some features:
Low volume and high speed
The phone call with support or advice to buy us (in contact)
Search online for your ease
Online shopping and secure payment
View shopping cart and online invoice
Smart calculating your post
Your orders in Smart Lists
General and detailed statements
Create new account
Compare products for the power user
55 online newspapers local news site in Farsi, Arabic and English
View the Premier League and the climate
View currency and gold reference
Read newspaper in the country with high-speed online

The software is provided free of charge.

I beg of you on your app to all users benefit from it.

Thanks to M. Bahmani

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