digital electronic circuits

digital electronic circuits

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Electronic Circuits 2

The application of electronic circuits 2 without pay legal problem and hope to pay less for software, help us to improve and expand the application of applause.
The software is designed so that you can export the electronic circuit schematics and schematic circuit in a mobile phone or device of any of you. Circuit offered are 100% practical.
By selecting "View" electronic circuit with the description, the application will see.
Your Choice "storage schematic of" them in the phone's memory (devices) you save, at this point you can use schematics in the software.

Or transfer them to your computer (for printing).

In this program, see:
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Some of the electronic circuit 2:

Turn 36 to 40 LED circuit without transformer

Alarm circuit wired to the door

Rvshnn circuit 150 LED, for night (auto)

Create mobile Shazhr

Circuit analog thermometer 25 to 40 degrees

Small audio amplifier - Class A

Reduction circuit voltage (without transformer) to 5V 1A

Construction of the power supply regulated 12V 5A

Dimmer - light control, engine speed, heat, heater, etc.

DC power supply without transformer

Shockers circuit 9-13.5Kylv

Electronic eye

Timing circuit from 1 to 64 minutes with the AC 555

5 to 12 volt converter circuit

6 LED light pen with a 1.5-volt battery

vu meter Sound Level Meter

2A current regulator 7805

Increasing the voltage of 1.5 to 9 volts

Soldering iron temperature control circuit

Using high-power LED lamps instead of 220 V - 50LED

Turn 54 led with 220

Emergency lights circuit

Flasher circuit 12V Lamps

Automatic switching on and off the lamp 220 V, 60 Amps

Short circuit detection circuit

Orbital interesting and simple vase of dry water

The most simple LED flash circuit

Circuit hearing listening FM

Turn on the light at night automatically

Variable power supply circuit 0 to 311 V DC

How to build a simple electric motor

Wireless power transfer circuit 6V

The circuit will fill the water tank

Mdarba Solar Charging Project

Thermal sensor for triggering a fan

Simple and interesting circuit, knowing full water supply

Making simple volt meter IC LM324

Circuit timing of 30 seconds to 24 hours. IC 4060

Music circuit IC UM66

5-volt circuit simple melody music

The most simple transistor circuit tester

 A simple way to test the microphone (capacitive) speakers and Buzzer

Map control circuit tester for repair and testing of schematic and PCB Control

Amplifier relay microcontroller -Jht

Simple equalizer with LED

View Digital 5 channel

Solar tracker circuit (solar panel)


Practical project solar lamps for garden

15-volt solar battery charger

Detecting the presence of mobile phones (Mobile Finder) + PCB

Condenser microphone transducer to dynamic

The first version, called "E-1" has been released in version 1 of your electronics with electronic signs and signs and symbols familiar, while making both domestic and semi-industrial PCB hear in this part of the preparation of fiber acid PCB also taught that in the next section, "E-1" training learned two types of soldering.

In the "Electronic Circuit 2" You have to build a variety of analog and digital circuits simple and you know, most of these circuits texts translated and some half translated and original reference text for translation if necessary, placed in orbit by provided 100% practical.

You see in the next version of electronic circuits will be relatively professional.

To err is human, and I ask that we do not benefit from the positive feedback and constructive and help us to improve and extend the application.

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