Education electrical circuits

Education electrical circuits

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This training software out electricity and electric circuits gives

 Description connect circuits that are in the software out

 1. Map a bridge Mdarklyd

(2) the circuit for two bridges and a key outlet

3-circuit one after another

4-circuit switch Two pole

5-bed conversion circuit

6-circuit staircase with turned

7-orbit of the moon, and outlet

8-circuit cooler

9-dimmer and plug

10-circuit photocell

11. photocell circuit with contactors

12-circuit audio iPhone

13. Turn 3 lamps with contactors

3-phase motor control circuit 14. The size of the permanent work

15-way power circuit size 3-phase motor

16-circuit size 3-phase motor with Dvshsty

17-circuit the size of the moment and 3-phase permanent Karmvtvr

3-phase motor control circuit 18. CW and CCW

19-typical three-phase motor control circuit CW and CCW

20-circuit power 3-phase motor CW and CCW

21-circuit one after the other with contactors

22-circuit one another instead of contactors

23-circuit automatic thrust

Full automatic 24-circuit one somewhere else

And the functionality of the software out

One of the features of this software out is that you can with a key feature of the software out there from top to bottom and from bottom to top end of the movie, you see, for example,

Ability to send text within software out

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Ability to search

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