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Questions and Answers: 75 Q & A as comprehensive and authoritative centers on issues of personality, social and political Imam Reza (AS) are grouped
In this section we tried to get answers that are not complete or are responding by Non-Specialized Centers and duplicates avoided


Bibliography: representing about 500 titles of books about Imam Reza (AS) with access to the brief introduction and list many of them


Articles: text more than a hundred articles about Imam Reza (AS)
Library: more than 275 titles (text 100 titles can be downloaded there and rest for a breakdown)


Traditions: provide 350 Hadith (the Persian translation of the source) of Imam Reza (AS)


Stories: the 180-story text dealing with Imam Reza (AS)


Greatness: the greatness and Cure 530 presented by Imam Reza (AS)


Debates, including 40 debates Imam Reza (AS) with renowned scholars and jurists of his time on various topics of religious, social, philosophical


Lyrics: selection of 410 poems and odes and sonnets, couplets in the form of text, sound and image of Imam Reza (AS)

Itinerary: comprising eighty and report important moments of Imam Reza (AS) from Medina to enter the exit from Merv


Biography: To present a complete biography of the Prophet about the birth, life, landscapes and testimony

Nov Deal: interesting collection of prayers attributed to the full audio and Imam Reza (AS), singing, telling eulogy born, Requiem Sarai, pieces of serial province of love

Gallery: various gallery contains over 400 images of Imam Reza (AS) includes: Vyzhhnamhhay birth, martyrdom, old pictures shrine, the Dome, shrine, poems, sayings quality Mobile video that includes images and allows you to select the images to as phone backgrounds or share (of course, grouped separately and must be downloaded separately)

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