Allame reading trainer (offline)

Allame reading trainer (offline)

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Allama Reading trainer (offline)

Make sure you do not read much time briefing clamp if you will not catch 30 seconds !!!!

The software is designed to be smart and like other programs available not just text and photos

A powerful ebook reader that can enter your text and read at your own text

With a little patience and persistence within 15 days of frequent exercise, but the style demands a lot of your precious arrive fast as we students themselves taken the speed and ability of the tenth International Mr. Frank Van Bridge Dutch is quite achievable is speed 1500 words per minute with 90% of their study is understanding the 4 pages per minute in ten minutes you can book half 80-page handout !!!!!!!

With over 18 exercises for you're mobile classroom

General Application

Khtbry training techniques and implementing these techniques within the app

Quick count numbers and practice their addition, subtraction,

Lubricating eye exercises

To increase the field of view

Practice curiosity

Practice reading license plate numbers, sentences and words

Practicing without understanding the text Khtbry

Khtbry practice text comprehension questions with answers

The memory intellectual game cube

Ho Chi numbers in the memory game

The game focuses Yes or No

Practice vocabulary acquisition

Practice letters with distance

And ...

Other exercises will see other within the app.

At the end of any shortcomings imperfection, and let us know your suggestions

24 hours're ready to answer your questions

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