Video Player All Format

Video Player All Format

Version 2.5.1
Install +100 K
Category Photography
Size 44 MB
Last Update 2024 April 4
Video Player All Format

Video Player All Format

Version 2.5.1
Install +100 K
Category Photography
Size 44 MB
Last Update 2024 April 4
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Want to get the best Video Player experience on your device?

Stunning, beautifully crafted HD Video Player app for android packed with powerful features.It can play All video formats Including 4K ultra HD video files with high definition.It is the best video player fulfil all your media player needs and attractive user Interface gives you the best user experience.

Key Features :

● Video player supports all video formats including MP4, MOV, M4V, MKV, WMV, RMVB, FLV, AVI, 3GP, TS etc.
● Support for PAN and ZOOM video files.
● Play HD and 4K videos.
● Create Video Playlist and add your favourite videos to it.
● Folder Explorer with CUT ,COPY and PASTE.
● Video Resume, Playback Speed, Night Mode & Timer.
● Play videos in POP-UP window.
● Equalizer support with treble and voice clarity adjustments.
● Video Locker protects your personal video from others when use your device.
● Support for Subtitle Download.
● Video Cutter,MP3 Cutter and Video to MP3 Converter.
● Powerful Music Player with 5 Band Equalizer and Bass Boost.
● Cast videos to TV with Chromecast.
● Fast forward ,fast backward.
● Find and delete video files with Duplicate Video Finder and save your space.
● Multi-Select video files and play, share or delete.
● Easy gesture control of brightness and volume.

Playback speed
You can adjust video playback speed of HD video player from .25x to 4x.

Floating Video Player
Floating video play option helps you to interact with other apps while watching movies.

Files manager
Identify ALL video files on your device including SD Card and manage them easily.

Background Video Player
Background video play feature plays video in background like music player.

UPlayer is a totally FREE HD video player for android that can handle all format video files. Send your feature request and suggestions about UPlayer at

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