Labyrinth game — Maze Dungeon

Category Puzzle
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Size 26.8 MB
Version 1.3


Immerse yourself in unique gameplay and atmosphere of the game Maze Dungeon.

You are waiting for an adventure in the mysterious maze, where your main character is a glowing cube.
You will move around the dark corners of the maze lighting the way in search of an exit, to reach the end you have to maintain inner glow using energy which you will find in the path of adventures.

Game Features:
✔ The main character is a glowing cube.
✔ All interactive objects radiate an inner light.
✔ An Illumination creates the mysterious atmosphere.
✔ Ambient soundtrack.

Rules of the game:
✔ Find the way out of the maze/labyrinth
✔ Use swipe to control the glowing cube, specifying direction.
✔ Cube will change color depending on which energy color you pick up to.
✔ You can only walk through the door, the color of which is similar to the color of your cube.
✔ Glowing cube fades, maintain its glow by picking up energy.


— A lot of bugfixes and optimizations
— A little bit changed levels


  • Market billing service
  • ua.krou.maze.permission.C2D_MESSAGE
  • prevent device from sleeping
  • view network connections
  • full Internet access

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