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A Farsi app, which contains a collection of quotations by most famous writers, philosophers, athletes, directors, politicians, musicians and so on, all translated to farsi. Using the app is free and by default, you have access to 100 quotations, picked exclusively for you by our staff. Of course, if you like these quotes, you can buy the full version of our app, priced at 2000 tomans. This complete version, contains more than 2500 qutoes and will be updated regularly.

Our goal is to gather a reference app, for all the notable quotations ever said. But for this, we're going to need your support. So, if you like our app and what it represents, give us a rating on Bazaar and buy the app to help us fund our projects. Finally, we hope you enjoy our little app, whether you use the full version or the free one. and always remember, life's just a ride.

(Quotation is a product of Toolfa, one of the teams working under the trademark of Novin company. Creating and refining this app, took one year of our lives. So, please don't be the one who copies all the quotes on his own app or website, with a wicked smile on. Have a little respect for our work)

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