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"Bank One" Banking Application

Bank One Is Your Best and Most Secure E-Wallet App

The mobile banking experience you’ve been asking for is here. The new Bank One app has improved features and new ones you’ll love. A sharp new design makes it easy to save your credit cards, transfer funds, pay bills and more; so you no longer need to carry your cards around.

This electronic wallet has a high level of security with the most advanced encryption algorithms. Therefore no-one can access your banking info. 


  • Simple and Easy to use

  • Sign in quickly and securely

  • Save your most used credit or debit cards

  • Transfer funds between accounts

  • Pay bills

  • Get Credit Cards balance

  • Manage all your banking cards

  • Top-up your mobile phone (purchase vouchers to renew your phone)

  • Highly secured data storage

  • Support for alternative systems

  • Monthly Updates

  • Keep records of all activities

  • Able to save all kind of card banks

  • High level of security

  • Your e-wallet

  • Support for alternative service for emergencies

  • And many more features

Be reassured that your privacy and security are protected from unauthorized transactions, and your banking information are encrypted with the most advanced encryption algorithms 

• Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

• Message-Digest Algorithm (MD5)

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