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Logo design has never been easier on your mobile.
With a wide selection of calligraphy logo fonts and vast word art options, the user can now make his own business name in minutes.

We have delivered a simple and elegant font application user interface that does not obstruct your creative flow.
Simply by sliding your finger across the screen you can customize your next social media logo, poster, business card logo, or brand name.

With this logo creator app, you can design a logo with over 250 handwritten fonts and text art textures.


•250+ Beautiful typefaces you can combine with text effects for customizable original logo typography, our new fonts will make your creativity flow
•Every style of logo font is covered such as tattoo, script, handwritten, etc.
•A logo designer app made for Facebook covers, Twitter posts, Pinterest graphics, posters, flyers, social media graphics
•You can export your name logo in 3K resolution with transparent background if you wish so that you can add text to photos
•Bend text to adapt the best logo design
•Add text art textures for colorful text. This feature is perfect for blog logo and website logo
• High-resolution font sampling technology ensures accurate cool logo designs
•Variable outline text option allows professional logo makers to adjust their own logos as they please. The text outline option is available for all font styles
•Letter space adjustment and line height adjustment gives you the ultimate control over the final text image
•A special wave font effect slider allows for fine text editing so that you can have an original font logo image not seen elsewhere

Your next business name art maker with the most advanced logo editing tools is here for you to make logo. But wait!

This lettering app is not a simple logo generator!

You can also find many different uses such as

•Designing a text tattoo
•Calligraphy font paper tracing
•Make book covers
•Design better graphics for your company brands

It is such a convenient little text designer for word art. We have selected only the most beautiful fonts for all your text lettering design needs.
We have genuinely tried to make the easiest-to-use text logo designing software out there.
Try it and create your own text logo in minutes with free fonts.

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