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Bank Cards: Enter all the bank account information (card number, account number, CvV2, expiration date, number of each with a description of each card) for all banks and public and private government agencies, along with a bank card image. . And use the electronic services of each bank separately. You can send your card information along with the banknote picture or card information via social networks or SMS to people you like. And you can also easily access your own bank account information or people who have registered.

Bank Receipt: This has always been a major problem for all of us. We perform ATMs, card reader devices, Internet portals for operations (purchase, payment, deposit, withdrawal, transfer, etc.) daily, but these paper receipts disappear over time, with the transaction bank, resolving this problem. he does .

Bank note: Sometimes you want to go to a bank on a particular date, day, and hour. You can take notes to make your work more accurate and timely when you visit.

Operator service: Irancell, First mobile phone, Rhythm (charging, Internet package, charging, Internet packs, activation, etc. Activating the Internet, receiving bill and payment, Internet settings and plans ...)

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