Humorous Poetry

Humorous Poetry

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O Lord, the Creator bear ***** You created me of Morsi

Fun and humor is one of the pillars integral Iranians.

Humor Poetry program opportunity and an excuse for the usual sweet smile and you

We all have to get together to keep you and your family more comfortable.

Humorist poets of our country

The program features:

The design is very elegant and user-friendly

Beautiful animation with screen and buttons

Ability to copy the lyrics

The ability to share poems and messages on social networks and media ...

Awesome features favorites

Take advantage of the beautifully designed settings

Ability to change fonts, change text size, text color change

And ....

Of humor poetry:




Woman smite

Man smite



One of the poems in this collection:

Why did not I try this evening magic?

Without everyone will live, not live without you

Why did not I try this evening magic?

Rumi struck her head, my shoulder to come

Said one or two nights, lessons to be

To indulge my donkey, I'm confused Cranberries

I Alvatan bully, it is not magic

Stress and test-old is young

End of period, scored lesson is not

Like at school, in shambles and three

To force algebra and geometry, not the human Cattle

Restoration deadline passed, we ship aground

I wanted to remove my, oh not again

Whatever you say to him, anger and grabbed her punishment

Because the presence of his father, not the son excuse

I have the honor, I do not know what's Lake

Try this evening I've not been

I got the ball I was shot, I was conditioned poet

Laugh it or not, it is not magic

If you're a poet and the poem say, can send lyrics to your Gmail address in the next update to the app with your name on our release schedule.

I hope I can get this program ya'll smile on the lips ...

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