Bunny Run 2

Bunny Run 2

نسخه ۱.۲
نصب فعال

Bunny run 2 is the second part of our prestigious game BUNNY RUN from STEM studios.
Our bunny was living happily with kids in a jungle. One day a fox take bunny's baby and run into a jungle. Can you help our bunny to save its kids from the fox?

Jump and run into a jungle to find the fox, but so many animals are there to attack out the little bunny. Run and jump all the enemies and take as much as carrots you can.

Hope our bunny can find its kids. Additionally, power-ups and the effects in the bunny run game makes the gameplay exciting and addictive.


1. One touch gameplay suitable for all including kids
2. Have good music and sound effects.
3. Have a map with 3 worlds and 15 levels.
4. Have power-ups and hearts
5. Have 21 enemies and 2 birds
6. Support SD card installation.

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