Infertility and its treatment

Infertility and its treatment

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Infertility and its treatment

Infertility and its treatment

MohammadReza SoltaniZarandi
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This book contains an exquisite collection of information related to infertility and its treatment, the contents of which have been collected by me, Mohammad Reza Soltani Zarandi, and have been compiled for use in devices with Android operating system. This collection can be used in four main titles and 41 sub-titles. The four main topics are: diagnosis stages, causes of infertility, treatment methods and pregnancy failure. For better use of content and images, it is recommended to download the pdf file.

Titles in this book (with page number in pdf):

Diagnosis steps 7

Symptoms and causes of infertility 7

The concept of infertility 8

Signs and causes of infertility in women 8

Signs and causes of infertility in men 9

Time to see a doctor 9

Meetings with your infertility doctor 10

The first meeting of the doctor 11

Tests and follow-ups for treatment 12

Hormonal blood test on the third day of menstruation 13

Factors to be tested 14

Infertility tests in women 15

Hormone test 16

Clomiphene citrate tolerance challenge test 16

Imaging and other experiments 16

Ultrasound and sonohysterography 17

Hysteroscopy 17

Hysterosalpingography 17

Proximity test or pct 18

Ovarian reserve test 18

Diagnosing the cause of infertility 21

Ways to treat infertility in women 22

Causes of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 25

Symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome 25

Diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome 25

Treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome 26

Sperm and semen test 28

Other experiments 28

How to perform the test 29

Sperm analysis test results 30

Factors affecting the test result 31

How is a color photograph of the uterus taken? 32

What does the color image of the uterus show? 33

When should a color photograph of the uterus not be taken? 33

Reasons for disbelief 34

Common causes of infertility in women 34

Endometriosis 34

Polycystic ovary syndrome 34

Tubal problems 35

Infertility problems for unknown reasons 35

Low egg quality 36

Common causes of infertility in men 36

Varicocele and infertility 37

Men's ejaculation problems 37

Number and quality of sperm 37

Antisperm antibodies 38

Relationship between age and fertility 38

Aging and lengthening the time to have children 39

Causes of infertility in old age 39

Strategies to help you get pregnant 40

Thyroid dysfunction and infertility 40

How the thyroid affects ovulation 40

Diagnosis of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism 41

Treatment of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism 41

Ovulation and infertility disorders 42

Treatment of ovulation disorder 43

Premature ovarian failure and infertility 44

The difference between menopause and premature ovarian failure44

Diagnosis of premature ovarian failure 44

Causes of premature ovarian failure 45

Infertility treatment for premature ovarian failure 45

Complications of endometriosis and infertility 45

Symptoms of endometriosis 46

Treatment methods for endometriosis 46

Tubal problems and infertility 47

Methods of treatment of uterine tube problem 47

Varicocele in men and infertility 48

Treatment of varicocele 48

Infertility of unknown cause 49

Treatment of infertility with unknown cause 50

Treatment methods 51

Infertility treatment methods in Iran 51

Common methods of infertility treatment 51

Infertility treatment costs 52

Success rate of infertility treatment methods 53

Choosing a doctor and specialized infertility clinic 53

Common drugs for the treatment of infertility 54

Other fertility drugs 55

Treatment of infertility problems with assisted reproduction methods 56

Common assisted reproductive techniques 57

Other assisted reproductive techniques 57

Costs of infertility treatment in Iran 58

Cost of assisted reproductive procedures 58

Costs of Infertility Treatment Surgery 59

Treatment of infertility problems with hysteroscopy 60

Pre-hysteroscopic preparation 61

How to perform hysteroscopy 61

Post-hysteroscopic care 62

Color photograph of the uterus or hysterosalpingography 62

Treatment of infertility by IUI or intrauterine insemination 63

Steps to do iui 64

Success rate iui 65

Disadvantages of iui method 65

Endometrial ablation method and its effect on in vitro fertilization 66

Care before and after endometrial abrasion 67

The effect of endometrial abrasion on the success of ivf 67

Hatching technique and improvement of implantation in in vitro fertilization method 68

How to do hatching 69

Prescribing cases and success rate of hatching 69

Treatment of infertility by ZIFT method or transfer of embryo into the fallopian tube 70

Prescription cases of zift treatment method 70

Steps to perform the zift method 71

Probability of success of the zift method 71

Disadvantages and problems of zift method 72

Treatment of infertility by GIFT or transfer of sex cells into the fallopian tubes 73

Prescription cases of gift treatment method 73

Steps to make a gift 74

Success rate of gift method 75

Disadvantages and problems of gift method 75

Treatment of infertility by microinjection 75

Cases of microinjection method 76

Steps of microinjection 77

Probability of microinjection 77

Disadvantages of microinjection method 77

Treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome 78

Treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome without desire to conceive 79

Self-care during polycystic ovary syndrome 79

Unsuccessful pregnancy 80

Factors affecting the risk of miscarriage Error! Bookmark not defined.

Factors affecting the risk of miscarriage 80

Reasons for abortion 81

Factors affecting the risk of miscarriage 81

Symptoms and diagnosis of unwanted abortion 83

Reasons for unwanted abortion 84

Diagnosis of unwanted abortion 84

Recurrent miscarriage 85

Medical care after abortion 85

Medical care in case of abortion 85

Tissue removal through curettage and suction 86

Necessary measures after fetal tissue removal 87

Improve your mood after a miscarriage 87

Re-pregnancy after abortion 88

Coping with abortion 88

The role of others in your improvement 89

Stillbirth or death of the fetus 90

Causes of fetal death in the womb 91

Risk factors for fetal death 91

Methods of removing a dead fetus from the uterus 92

Measures after abortion 92

Diagnosis and dermis

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