Silk Screen Printer

Silk Screen Printer

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Silk-screen printing (full training Silk)
Thanks, of your choice
Software silk screen printing without paying a religious problem, and I hope to pay less for us to improve and expand the silk-screen printing software, this software will encourage.
Comprehensive training combined with fancy silk-screen printing and silk screen printing tutorial, which is published together with the sample.
The software system is also used to the idea of ​​taking a series of images to create a silk-screen printing machine will help you.
The print is very simple and basic supplies you can not enter the job market after training and then a little practice, it is very economic price and with minimal capital silk work can be started.
Most of the jobs that exist today, starting with a few million dollars, but the cost of printing for a small fee, there is the possibility of setting up a workshop full ingredients found in Iran and cities.
With this information you can now get to work and a silkscreen printing workshop Brpasazyd and order at home or get a job.

Application printing:
1. Naylks and nylon
2- CD- DVD
3-manual Phone
4. arrived
5. The wall calendar
6. Leather
7. cardboard
8. sheet
9. Mirror
10. Glass
11. Boot
12. Bags
13 boxes of sweets
14. Boot box
15 different boxes made of cardboard
16. Art boards
17. Industrial boards
18. Traffic Information
19. The promotional objects such as watches and pens
20 Sacks
21. Fabric
22. goods
23 printed on PCB


Produced by M. Bahmani

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