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Ayatollah Ashrafi Esfahani

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The testimony of self is the culmination of servitude and paths in the world of spirituality.
Imam Khomeini

"We broke in silence

They saw everything we saw

We were claimants in the first line

Since the end of the parliament, they have put martyrs "

The grace of my God, who, despite all our sins, is also generous and merciful

Martyr altar Ayatollah Ataullah Ashrafi Esfahani great man and the universe pious and the Taliban and thirst for knowledge, and with all the hardships, poverty, exile, away from his wife and children a love for God served and how beautiful God reward him with martyrdom Ata'ullah, he gave. About martyr Ashraf-ul-Haq, right, he uttered not a lot of this great man of publication not given it the task itself knew all of them in the form of application and blog publishing I though what you have been given is only the abstract is a brief description of The life of this man of God and the power of his right is beyond the power of the servant.

This application includes martyr biography, audio and video gallery

Comes with streaming music, with great graphics and settings for font variations

And for free "No Ads" your service is provided.

The cost of using this software is a salavat for the satisfaction of Hazrat Zahra "S".

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