Electronic banking & trust clients

Electronic banking & trust clients

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The aim of the electronic or online banking or the Internet, is providing facilities for the staff in order to increase their speed and efficiency in the provision of banking services in the place of the branch and also the processes between a branch of the Bank and around the world and provide the hardware and software features to the customers that they are using without the need for physical presence at the Bank, at any hour of the day and night (24-hour) through secure communication channels and Your favorite banking operations with confidence. In other words, e-banking using advanced technology hardware, software and Web-based communications for the exchange of resources and financial information electronically and no physical presence of the customer in the branch. To allow customers to make economic transactions on a secure website to petty things like fundamental virtual bank, Bank or financial institution and credit or construction companies.

The aim of this research the relationship between electronic banking customers ' trust and satisfaction of Sepah banks chartered city of Yazd. Therefore, the opinions and comments from customers who have used randomly selected and completed by questionnaire and samples were collected. The sample size was 100 people and analysis of the data by using SPSS software.

The results showed that between customer satisfaction and services received through the electronic banking at the level of Bank Sepah, there is a significant relationship between Yazd and the assumption of the research can be verified.

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