What haircut you do?
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What haircut you into?
Now the hair on your head so you can kind of try?
What you see most of the game and of all hairstyle?
Hoping before going to the hairdresser hairstyle try different on your head?
Which hairstyle do you want to see more of you into? Long? Short? Fashion? And ...
The program consists of two parts, ladies and gentlemen hairstyle.
Which includes 30 new haircut for women.
And new hairstyles for men is 30.
A total of 60 hairstyles.
One of the most complete programs to change the hair on your face.
If you plan to support 100 update will hairstyles.
Hair and beauty salon's name is stored in the phone.
1 - Select images from the camera
2 - Select photos from gallery
3 - Ability to store photos
4 - Ability to share Photo
5 - There are folders store
6 - Swing Photo
Be sure to read the instructions before starting the program.
Thanks Sadroid Programming Group.

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