Cricket Game : Sachin Saga Pro

Cricket Game : Sachin Saga Pro

Version 1.0.48
Install +1 K
Category Sports
Size 1.05 GB
Last Update 2024 July 12
Cricket Game : Sachin Saga Pro

Cricket Game : Sachin Saga Pro

JetSynthesys Inc
Version 1.0.48
Install +1 K
Category Sports
Size 1.05 GB
Last Update 2024 July 12
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Get ready for a truly immersive cricket experience with Sachin Saga Pro Cricket. This new mobile game from the creators of Sachin Saga Cricket Champions offers authentic cricket gameplay with Sachin’s unique touch. Compete in a variety of game modes, including career mode, multiplayer mode, and tournament mode.
Sachin Saga Pro Cricket brings all the features and gameplay that fans of the sport games have come to love, and more.

Sachin Saga Pro Cricket mobile game features include:

Hey Cricket Champions, now build your own dream team.
1. Collect Gold, Silver & Bronze players from the pack.
2. Create your strong team & compete against other users in different tours for various rewards. With fast-paced gameplay and adrenaline-pumping action, you'll never get bored.
3. Master the art of batting and bowling to score more runs than your opponent. Use powerups to outwit your opponent and claim victory.
4. Earn rewards and prizes for your wins and climb the leaderboard to become the ultimate cricket champion.

The mobile game introduces the Career Mode of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar in 3 phases focusing on different stages of Sachin’s life.
1. Boy Wonder – highlights the early phase of Sachin Tendulkar’s cricketing career where he displayed his phenomenal performance as a beginner in domestic & international cricket league matches.
2. Master Blaster – relive the mid-phase of Sachin’s career, through the ups & downs that forged his claim as a cricketing Legend that he is today.
3. Legends era – a collection of high-quality matches where he exhibited his best form & clinched exceptional victorious moments like 100 centuries & rose as the God of Cricket! This includes fast paced format of IPL T20, World Cup & other international series.

1. Players can customize matches w.r.t. Weather, pitch, stadiums, overs & time of day.
2. Players can pick & play in International matches (IPL T20 World Cup 2022, World Cup 2011, World Cup 2019, World Cup 2015) & Domestic matches (SS Premier League 2023, SS Premier League 2022, SS Premier League 2021, SS Premier League 2013).
3. Earn various rewards & collect different cricket league trophies to your collection.

Along with Sachin’s golden era of marvelous career, we have Sachin’s Gallery. A collection of unique & prestigious achievements throughout his career – IPL T20, World Cup, Premier League, ODI, Test matches. Players can play different modes and unlock items. For the immense love & support to our previous Sachin Saga Cricket game 2020, the gallery in Sachin Saga Pro Cricket is our way of paying tribute to the Master Blaster in Sachin Saga.
Be it IPL T20, World Cup, Premier League or International Series, unlock & make it a part of your winnings.

Get an intense real cricket match-like experience by selecting the Pro Cam mode. This takes the cricket game to another level of thrill & excitement. Smash sixes & fours beyond the boundaries from the batsman’s perspective.

Sachin Saga Pro Cricket brings you an enhanced cricket gameplay experience with brand new commentary with Nick Knight (English) & Nikhil Chopra (Hindi). For the hardcore fans of Cricket Champions, stroll through the Hall of Fame of Sachin Tendulkar within this mobile game.
Get into captivating camera actions with 30 broadcasting cameras to nail that perfect shot, bowling & fielding replays.
Play your way to victory with various famous cricket shots, bowling actions in diverse modes – IPL T20 Tournaments, International Matches, Premier League Matches, & more events to come in this amazing cricket mobile game.
Play Sachin Saga Pro Cricket mobile game – 3D cricket game based on legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. Step into the new version of Sachin Saga Cricket game 2020 - Sachin’s Golden era & play throughout those glorious cricket matches.
This mobile game is entirely free to download and play! It's time to go Pro!!

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