Real Pathfinder Pro Game Simulator

Real Pathfinder Pro Game Simulator

Version 1.5
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Real Pathfinder Pro Game Simulator
Real Ranger Pro Game Simulator - joke track the movements of people and animals around you!
The unique ability of your phone will give you many new features!
Feel like a real detective, following the trail.
Using the scanner, get experience points.
Open additional options for the device, allowing a joke to find not only people, but also animals.

Play your friends by showing them the tracks left on the floor!
For believability, make an astonished look and walk hot on foot!
In a joke find your cat or dog.
For the most plausibility in the application, the camera is used.
Point the phone to the selected surface and activate the scanner.
On the screen you will see a comic result.
Surprise your loved ones with the new feature of your smartphone.
Be the center of attention!

Attention is only a search trail simulator, it does not give a real result! This application was created for jokes and jokes!
Leave your comments and ratings!
Have fun with us!

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