Highway Racing Driver

Highway Racing Driver

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Drive Your Car in the Realistic 3D Highway as Fast as You Can

Let's go to the Highway traffic in this amazing realistic 3D Highway Racing Driver Game!

Chose your car from 6 highly customisable realistic car including SUV, truck, sport and classic car models.

Easy customize your car by 9 paint colors, 9 different types of wheels and technical parameters like handling, speed and brakes.

Chose anyone from 4 different beautiful 3D worlds: City, Japanese Countryside, Desert, Highway.

Tilt your device to control the direction and press acceleration or brake buttons at the right time to avoid accident.

The more fast you go the more scores you'll get and the more virtual game cash will be added to your game pocket.

Get additional bonus for reckless driving (incremental overtakes), high-speed time, every 2 km checkpoint rewards based on speed. All these bonuses will be rewarded with virtual cash.

3 different camera modes: behind, top-down, and hood camera will help you enjoy your Highway Racing Driver Gameplay in any place you are.

You will meet with detailed and realistic car control including simulation of suspensions, car shifting gears, skid marks, brake lights, different engine sounds.

Be ready for realistic traffic behavior: traffic cars move at different speed, change lanes, using appropriate signals, realistic accident behavior, cop cars in traffic.

Use your virtual game cash to upgrade your car to the Best Highway Racing Driver Vehicle.

Start your game now and be the really King of the Road!

None can stop you on the way to success in this amazing 3D Highway Racing Driver Game!

Rate this game and ask for the new features for the next updates of the Game!

Please don't forget to show your scores to your friends to prove yourself as a smart brave Highway Racing Driver!

And now it is time to go into the Survival Trip Journey with 3D Highway Racing Driver!

Have a pure high speed road racing experience as a King of Highway Racing Driver Game!

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