Power Button Torch/ Flashlight

Power Button Torch/ Flashlight

نسخه ۲.۵
نصب فعال

Simple Flashlight controlled by phone's power button . Light switches, if you press the power button three or more times, even when the phone is locked. There is no need to unlock the device and search for an application shortcut and open it to turn on the light.
Depending on the status of the unit (the presence of free memory, load processes, etc.) may be a some delay when you turn on (turn off) the light.
4 in 1:
1. Flashlight turns on and off with the power button "Power".
2. The flashlight turns on and off button on-screen flashlight.
3. The flashlight turns on and off label run the application (without displaying the main window with the button).
4. Flashlight turns on and off from the notification bar.
• Activate or deactivate the flashlight without unlocking the device
• automatic shutdown flashlight
• A large number of settings
• Support for versions from Android 2.2 to Android 6.0
• bright
• fast
• reliable
• Small size
• Low power consumption
• Without advertising
• Free

WARNING !!! , you must at least once to run the application after installation (upgrade) to operate the function flashlight turn on using the power button.

Those wishing to become a beta-tester: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/ru.irk.ang.balsan.powertorch

You can buy a paid version of my other application.

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