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in this game, part of a song will be played and you should guess the song continued.
Finally, you can send your score to compete with other users. In this way, you three have helped each only once, you can also use:
1 - three options
2 - Set up the two vacancies
3 - Play this song again

* There are competitive with other users, and you can compare your score with others via the Internet.
* The competition is played on everybody who took the time to answer the more points will be less. For this purpose, the tool has been used very careful not to spoil anyone.
* Great graphics and animations with attractive

Note Note Note Note:
To make this program more than 300 hours were spent close to 100 thousand lines of code is written. This means it is a great effort in collecting and arranging the collection.
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I sincerely welcome all of your criticisms and I do my best to support this software would work best as possible.
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