Bluetooth Chat Farsi

Bluetooth Chat Farsi

Version 1.5
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Special features of Bluetooth Chat Farsi software:

1- show the other chat party photo(for the first time in bluetooth chat softwares)

2- send and receive files without volume limit(blue chat file software will controll all parts of file send and receive action, and software is not dependant to any system or other applications)

3- file send and receive action will be performed by bluetooth and there is no need for wifi , internet , or any other communication ways

4- fast browse the location of received files

5- customised keyboard with ability to insert smily faces and farsi(persian) and english and symbols typing

6- complete built in helpT for convenient use

7- support android 2.1 and higher

8- using pattern password instead of old style user name and password to check legal users log in

was there a moment that you would like to chat or share files with someone ,somewhere ?

a crowded place, a project file to share, and you dont have time for some complex setting, just wanna chat and share at the same time.

in the class , and professor is watching every move , but he wont find out that you are sharing some data or files with someone else.

you are in a car, just taken a good picture and wanna share it with one of your friends in other car, while you are on the road, chat and sharing files is good to be possible at the same time and now you have the tool for your needs in your hand.

any time, any place, even if you are falling off the high cliff or just sitting comfortably on a sofa in front of tv, no limits for place to use and also no age limits!

any file type can be sent, no limit again!

you can just find the place of ceeived files any time form inside of the software and finds out where are your precious files are

you dont have persian(farsi) language installed on your phone, we also solved its complexity for you, and this problem is just joined the history

with customised keyboard, you can type persian, english and smily faces at the same time, enjoy it

if you had noticed in other softwares, only there was 4 to 5 farsi text correction methods

we just solved more problems in persian text showing and added more persian correction types to 10 methods

this is the first bluetooth chat software that has the chatters photo Shower to other party , chat and file sharing ability at the same time

(the chatter can set his or hers photo in the software)

the photo can be chosen from gallery, or be taken from camera

is photo rotated, and needed to be corrected?, we just saw this need and we borders coded this ability for you

dont try to remember username and password for this software, just remember the pattern password, leave it to your fingers to remember it!

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